Welcome to OSINT.tv

We focus on the forest (global trends) instead of individual trees (specific events)…unless that tree is “Patient Zero” for a contagious disease (the catalyst for a significant event). This platform consists of three main parts: a passive globe that highlights key trends and movements in the world, in-depth videos from strategic partners, and a community driven comment system.

We value:

Reason - We believe reason - instead of passion - should guide decisions.

Equality - We believe in substantial equality, which affirms the dignity of human beings, while recognizing differences. All opinions are not equal.

Interconnectivity - The world is highly interconnected. We seek to bring your attention to those connections.

Black Swans - The world is often defined by unexpected events. We respect that and identify ways to better leverage risk.

Context - The world is confusing. We provide context to global situations through a many sources for enhanced analysis.

Availability - Our goal is to bring this product to many platforms including web, smart televisions, mobile devices, and ar/vr.

Beauty - The world is beautiful. We want our product to look beautiful on whatever platform you use.